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Finally — the journal you've been looking for. If you are catching up or just keeping up, we make it easy to write a long story or jot down a small note.

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Upload photos to your journal. Just a snapshot will do — or an entire gallery if you want. Upload multiple photos at a time or email them right to your journal!


What could be easier than sending a video right from your phone? We accept videos from iPhones and Androids. We'll turn your boring email into a polished journal entry.


Flip through your journal in a timeline view. Photos and videos bring it to life.

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Location, location, location. Don't just write about your first home, include a map. If your photos or video include a location, we'll add a map to that journal entry.

Own Your Data

We aren't Google or Facebook. You own your data and can take it anytime you want. This is data you'll want to preserve for generations and we make it easy to do.